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Fort Lee, NJ is considered the gateway to New York City, but it’s a wonderful place in and of itself with a vast cultural diversity and many things to see and do.

Fort Lee hotels are convenient for business travelers and tourists, while Fort Lee restaurants boasts a range of options reflecting the community’s diverse make-up. One of the best features is the housing and residential opportunities. Fort Lee, NJ real estate is known for its apartment building and co-op communities.

Fort Lee is generally a small city, but it features breathtaking views from across the Hudson River bank looking toward the skyline of New York City. Many consider Fort Lee, New Jersey to be the best of both worlds blending the city and the suburbs seamlessly. The community has many parks, trails and recreational activities balanced with a nice business community that includes both offices and retail.

Fort Lee, NJ also is a community rich in history. It’s the gateway to the George Washington Bridge on the Hudson River. The bridge is aptly named for the area’s history – famous for the tale of General George Washington, who later became the first president of the United States of America. General Washington was pushed to flee this area in November 1776. He then started his famous retreat that went through New Jersey the area in November of 1776 and begin his famous retreat through New Jersey for to protect Fort Lee during the winter of 1776-1777.

Fast forward to modern times, and it’s a great place for both New Jersey restaurants and NJ real estate. In all, Fort Lee is a lovely community where both residents and visitors will find many pleasing amenities.

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