Our Team

Steven Kaziyev -  Executive Director

With his experience in the financial industry Steven, starting in 2004 to present, was able to acquire some of the best generic domain names with only one thing in mind “Flipping Them”. As his portfolio grew he began to acquire Geo targeted domain names and landed on his first local Geo domain name KewGardens.com, (City Guide Media’s headquarters). With his vision on the local advertising market he began to continuously acquire local Geo targeted domain names which now include a portfolio of roughly about 35 Pure Geo Targeted domain names. Hence, 2009 City Guide Media was born. Pure Geo targeted domain names offer a focused approach at creating a local presence and with that being  said City Guide Media currently operates 20 local Geo targeted city websites, including  NewRochelle.com, GreenwichVillage.com, ParkSlope.com and 17 others.

Gary Kaziev – Vice President

With his intensive knowledge in the financial industry Gary brings control to City Guide Media. He is responsible for business development and responsible for growing City Guide Media’s unique city guide network. “Our goal to deliver exceptional partner support and service with more lucrative commissions and higher conversions not found with local competitive partner programs”, Gary added. He believes that one of the keys to success int he city.com industry is a clear understanding of customer and market needs. He enjoys the challenge of implementing effective content management with a goal to increase overall revenue, visitor retention and client satisfaction.

Victoria Schmidt – Web administrator

Victoria joined our team about 3 years ago sometime in 2008 as a receptionists. With her background in Law it was easy for Victoria to excel within our firm and climb the corporate ladder. She now handles 20 city sites and also has employees to overlook. We are delighted to see her grow and excel within our organization and we at City Guide Media hope that she continues to excel with her positive attitude and a great smile.


Karolina Kay – Administrative Assistant

Karolina graduated Forest Hills High School in 2010. Her ambition is to become a registered nurse but since she’s been introduced to the domain world she is excelling her new ambition which is helping City Guide Media develop their internet properties. Other than work and school her interests include comedy, cats and exploring the New York City area. Karolina has been working at City Guide Media for almost a year now. She is responsible for running of the admin side of the business; however, her work also includes updating websites and managing their day to day functionalists. These websites include  FreshMeadows.com, KewGardens.com, GreenwichVillage.com, NewRochelle.comDeadCelebrities.com, DomainsBroker.com and a handful more.

Sal Guidone -  Account Manager – New Rochelle

Sal is an account manager who is responsible for selling advertising for the New Rochelle area. His strong communication skills and proven ability to sell ideas helped his lengthily career in the advertising business. Sal has worked for multiple Yellow Page companies and time after time he has proven his ability to persuade customers.



Joseph Tuths – Account Manage – Queens

Joe has joined our team recently but has seen great success in the area that covers. Joe is an account manager who is responsible for selling advertising for the Queens area. He has worked for numerous advertising companies including the Yellow Pages.